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A 1970 911T. British racing green.

A car I still fondly remember today.

The year was 1988, and it was a hand-me-down vehicle my family provided so I could drive back-and-forth to school.

No A/C. Manual windows. Stick shift. And most-oftentimes, due to a finicky starter and always-underpowered battery, we’d kick-start it by pushing the vehicle down a small hill, dropping the car into second gear, and releasing the clutch. The car would shake as it awoke. It slowly became my preferred method to turn the engine over.

While I migrated into the web later in life, my brother remained affixed to the auto industry, and it gave me a glimpse into that business world, and the specific pain points it experienced on a regular basis. One aspect being employment.

So, in 2020, during a global pandemic, I acquired a neat domain name, and built a custom job board, dedicated solely for mechanics.

Built simply – no fluff – no bells & whistles. Just like my 911T.

Thanks for dropping by. We’re quite excited to serve this industry, and the mechanics who help the world go round.


– Peter Askew

Sloane, Peter, Sara

And a warm thank you to Jill Lynn Design & Development for all their input & guidance developing this site – it’s been invaluable.

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